Twilight's Edward Cullen was his toughest role ever, says Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has stated that his Twilight Saga character of Edward Cullen has been the toughest he has played till now. The 28 year old actor reached the spotlight with Twilight series films. Recently, in an interview with a leading British newspaper, he told that he believes that Twilight is probably the hardest part he has done because to do it for 5 films. It is really hard to think of stuff that's maybe not boring.

Rob, who can currently be spotted in Aussie crime movie The Rover, called up that having a traumatic 1st day on the film set of the first Twilight movie. Rob added that it just did not feel perfect for ages. After that there was one little thing - he had make up on his teeth, and he used to rub off all the time. It was actually putting him off. That means he had to keep doing the scenes again and again.

Therefore, he started attempting to do this thing where he covered his teeth with his lips. And it alters your voice quite a bit, but he thought that it was really cool.

Rob also told that he was attempting his hand at writing, but that actually did not go well. He told tat he was attempting to write, and he then showed it to his assistant without realizing how bad it was. His assistant told that it was just a stream of consciousness.