Michael Buble says he wants more children

Michael Buble welcomed his very 1st child earlier in August, but he has already stated that he is looking forward to have at least another 3 more kids. The singer told that he want to have a "litter" of kids, but he also admitted that becoming a father for the very first time was not as life changing as he earlier anticipated.

While speaking to a TV show, he told that it really was not what he thought it would be. Everyone told him that it would be a massive, life changing experience, but it was dreamlike. He added that till one does it, he/she would have no idea regarding this. Now he knows and they would love to have 3 or 4 more. A litter.

The also revealed that even though he loves being married, yet he finds it tough at times. Love is hard. He thinks one always need to try. He added that in any relationship people fall in and out of love, you know, but it is just a matter of expecting that you do not fall out of love at the same time.

In the mean time, Luisana has showed that she has zero intention of keeping onto her baby weight. Recently she was seen smiling during her work out on Monday. At present, Luisana is in a lingerie campaign for Ultimo and she posed for brands like Gilette and L'Oreal in the past.