Michael Buble Looks Forward to TV show

Michael Buble has turned out to be a huge fan of Dawn French. He has extended the relationship beyond their comedy snog on his ITV Christmas special last year. The singer has been in touch in with her on a regular basis over the past ten months.

They are on talk for collaboration in a new TV show where they both are going to star in. Michael has high hopes for this show which will be launched next year. Gossip mongers hope Michael will get a free Terry’s Chocolate Orange if he is lucky!

The other day Michael was spotted with his wife who is an Argentinean model. Michael has reportedly slimmed down as his wife has been taking him to gym sessions. The duo now seems to be on the same page fashion-wise as well. The couple was spotted wearing leather jackets and denim jeans with black and white combination.

It was a romantic outing for the pair obviously and they walked hand in hand and seemed busy in each other’s company. Buzz is also doing the rounds that Buble is set to record a duet with actress Reese Witherspoon. Reese Witherspoon has earlier displayed her vocal talent in her Oscar movie “Legally Blonde”.