Michael Bublé set to sing for arena crowds

Michael Bublé is all set to embark on a major tour around the world. Often likened to Frank Sinatra, the 38 year old singer has been one of the most popular singers in the world over the last decade. And this month, he is all set to bring his celebrated voice to Prague, Czech Republic with a gig at the O2 Arena.

At the 24th January concert, Michael will promote his newest track To Be Loved which has turned into another success after his mega selling album named Christmas that was still at the upper end of several music charts across the world during the recent festive season, even 2 years after its release. Outstandingly, it was Christmas No 1 track in Australia for 3rd year in a row.

While Michael has relished the kind of profile in recent years which most music artists dream of; he insists that there is no room for complacence. Last year, in an interview he stated that a whole lot of artists lose their spot near the top of entertainment industry as they drop off that desperation.

Speaking to an Australian newspaper, he told that you make some money and you feel as if you do not have to work as hard. Your ego tells you that people would buy or like whatever you do. It just is not true. You are only as good as your last record or your last concert.