Lady Gaga dazzles Belgium sporting colorful oriental gown

She might have been in Belgium, but that was not going to halt Lady Gaga channeling whichever ethnical influences fitted her mood at that point of time. Sporting a stunning oriental dress, the singer left the Brussels hotel she was staying in earlier on Tuesday with all of the embellish of a Japanese geisha, walking through the crowd in a full sleeved gown.
Lady Gaga, who had earlier released her top jazz album named Cheek To Cheek along with Tony Bennett hours before, was very mush reeling from a performance with the well known singer in the city the earlier day that she termed as the best day of her life.
The 38 year old was shining from ear-to-ear as she came out from the hotel, signing snaps for her rooters outside in a caped oriental attire. The singer strolled from the hotel entrance with her surging sleeves spread under adulterate arms, suggesting at her tightly clad frame underneath.
The olive green dress featured an alien flower pattern that she finished with a great eye liner design which framed her sockets. A stark contrast from her earlier wild dress selections, Lady Gaga's appearance was feminine and it featured a style like her pop rival Katy Perry.
In contrast to the earlier evening's retro style, Lady Gaga selected a straight, slick hair appearance styled into a fringed bob which offered a healthy shine. On Tuesday, and while she was charming people at the Belgian capital, she had owned the Grand Place along with the 88 year old jazz legend Tony.
Earlier Lady Gaga tweeted: 'Today is the best day of my life. Singing w/@itstonybennett in Brussels wearing a dress made by @Brandonvmaxwell'