Buble Rocks the Rodgers

Where: Rogers Arena When: Friday night Grade: A

From the opening bars of the James Bond-y string intro he wrote for his version of "Cry Me a River," hometown boy Michael Buble owned Rogers Arena Friday night.

Following with "All of Me," he had already shimmied, slid and spun across that slightly angled stage he's used for a few tours now, looking good and sounding fine.

The big announcement he'd teased about earlier in the day? That all proceeds from his local shows were being donated to BC Children's Hospital. Nice.

Then he rapped about his fiancee, the "management ring" that's been such a big deal since TMZ mentioned it "seven months after I started wearing it," some Vancouver Canucks banter and then a bit of classic Michael back-and-forth with the crowd.

If Buble's humour has become somewhat less risque, his timing is still stand-up quality.

"Mack the Knife" sliced by and then he took the crowd into the arouse-a-sphere with "Everything." After the lovely woman next to me finished mauling me, she explained that "he just made every woman in here feel like his mistress."

"I just wish I could take a shower with all of you," said Buble. "The way you all sing so well in here, I just imagine how great it would sound if it was with the acoustics of a shower."