Buble Gets his Dream

Canadian singer Michael Bublé got what he always wanted in Santa Monica on Wednesday evening - No, not Take That Tour Tickets! - but playing in Santa Monica.

"It's a dream come true for me to play in a mall like this," he told the well-heeled crowd crammed into the shoe department on the lower level."I idolized [pop star] Tiffany growing up."

The guests laughed along, finding it at least a little humorous that a multiple Grammy winner in the midst of a nationwide tour would perform at the opening of a mall store.

But it's not as odd a pairing as you might expect.

"Nordstrom has really been a class act," Bublé told the crowd. "They've been dressing my band for this whole tour."

The Seattle-based retailer has been doing more than dressing Team Bublé -- it's been the presenting sponsor of the whole U.S. leg of his current Crazy Love tour (which just so happens to be rolling into the San Diego Sports Arena on Friday).

The sartorial synergy can be found -- among other places -- in a series of webisodes called "80 Suits" (the most recent one is currently posted on the singer's official website) and a dedicated section of Nordstrom's website that is merchandised to help men approximate his style.