Buble Announcement Tonight

Tonight at Rogers Arena, Michael Buble says he's going to make the most significant announcement of his career after the second song of his concert set. You can buy V Festival Hospitality tickets so you can see the announcement yourself.

He teased this bit of info out to assembled media at a pre-show press conference in the Captain's Room secreted away in the arena's depths. It wasn't for no reason that some helpful record label lackey placed signs reading: "Media scrum this way" along the pathway from the downstairs holding pen to the upper floor lounge. As we were lead along, the singer's soundcheck echoed through the arena. And it sounded pretty swinging. Nearly an hour later, fidgeting was the word of the day.

There are few things quite as pitiful as watching a heaping pile of media steaming about being kept in waiting trying to kill time. After all the TV and radio reporters vie for the finest possible position for filming and recording, it's left for the online content providers such as yours truly to crawl into whatever nooks and crannies remain and hope to get in a question. The pluses in this arrangement is that we don't have to stay standing and guarding our ground while the talent dallies.

Apparently, there were issues with the focus and clarity on the teleprompter. Could it be those one lines he's famed for dropping into his concert banter need sharpening?

"I used to hide behind comedy, trying to be funny, because I wasn't that confident in myself, in who I was and what I was trying to be," says Buble. "Now I'm a very different person and I think you'll see that confidence and self-assurance in the performance."

"Of course, there is still a kind of added pressure that comes with playing the home town. Pressure and people that are barely acquaintances hitting me up for free tickets."