Band member’s injury cause Linkin Park to cancel Albany concert

The famous American rock band, Linkin Park, cancelled their upcoming concerts because of their lead singer Chester Bennington’s leg injury, needing immediate attention.

All the performance of the band for the Hunting Party tour that was to be held through the month of February has therefore been called off. Bennington during the press release expressed his disappointment on not being able to carry out the tour which would definitely have been magical.

He even said that all the Linkin Park members would definitely miss the absence of their fans for this time with the hope of meeting them soon. Bennington had backed out from shows even before because of health concerns. During the tour of OzzFest, he had been bitten by a spider, whereas in 2011 his injured shoulder kept him away from performing at the DeLuna Fest, Pensacola, Florida.

The perfect camaraderie between the band can be observed in which the band members had helped Bennington in overcoming problems related to alcohol and drug. Founder and co-vocalist of the band, Mike Shinoda, had said in an interview in December that all his band members had lent their support to Chester and helped him to do something positive. He even said that they have always been there for each other and the members are absolutely enjoying their perfect bonding that they were not willing to compromise for anything. Chester admitted of being addicted as a teenager that had worsened his condition.

This good and positive team spirit will definitely make Linkin Park go a long way and achieve more feats in future. Here is wishing Chester a speedy recovery so that he may charm the audience again with his thrilling performance.